Bahrain Relocation Services

Bahrain, officially the Kingdom of Bahrain is a small Arab country, situated in the Persian Gulf. Bahrain is next to the Qatar peninsula and to the north-eastern coast, you will find a 25km King Fahd Causeway which connects neighbouring Saudi Arabia.

Bahrain’s is the third smallest nation in Asia (after the Maldives and Singapore) with a population of 1,234,571 including 666,172 non-nationals. Manama (the capital city of Bahrain) has been considered an important financial hub in the Middle East after its oil wealth helped spur fast growth and expansion in the 1990s.

Relocating to Bahrain? Our Immigration and visa… home search and school search services will support your move to the GCC country and have you settled into Bahrain very quickly. Whether you’re a company relocating employees into Bahrain, or you’re relocating to Bahrain for a new job with your family, we are here to assist your move to the Kingdom of Bahrain.