Moving your pet to Dubai or Abu Dhabi

When relocating your family, we realise that moving your beloved pet can also be very stressful and you may be in two minds whether it is the right decision to bring them. Not only do you have to worry about the wellbeing of your extended family member whilst in transport, there’s also the worry of how they are going to adapt to their new environment.

Dubai is home to many nationalities from all over the world, westerners are generally pet lovers so owning a pet is very common and much more accepted than it was 10 years ago. You will see dogs being walked in most expatriate residential areas, as well as cats roaming around gardens as they do at home.  In fact pets are so popular in the UAE now that there are thriving businesses offering pet care, doggy day care and luxury boarding for our furry friends to holiday so we are sure they will be as happy as you are!

One thing you do have to remember is that the weather gets very hot, in the summer months, the outside temperature can frequently reach 50°C and is routinely in the mid 40s on a daily basis. Taking dogs to a day care facility where they can exercise in an air conditioned room and play with other dogs has become a solution for many dog owners at this time of the year, as well as obviously taking the necessary precautions and walking at earlier hours in the morning and later in the evening when the sun has gone down.

Where can I live with my pet in Dubai…. are my options limited?

 Understanding that a lot of expats residing in Dubai are pet owners, they are allowed to reside in most buildings. However, do check this before committing to a property and parting with monies, it’s definitely worth telling the relocation consultant or real estate broker when searching for a suitable residence so you’re not wasting time.

Another thing to consider are the surrounding areas where your dogs can be walked and where your cats can move around freely. Villa communities are generally more suitable and easier to walk around but you will also find many dogs being walked in quieter residential apartment areas such as The Palm – where there is a park and roads are not as congested. The busier downtown communities such as Dubai Marina are less desirable for pet owners as the traffic is heavy and there are limitations as to where pets are allowed.

Veterinary Clinics in the UAE

There are many veterinary clinics in Dubai, most of which are of a very good standard to care for your pets. As well as providing medical care, most offer pet maintenance products and services.

Rules & Regulations of owning a pet in Dubai

It is necessary to have your dogs and cats chipped for identification and they must wear municipality tags at all times. It is also essential that vaccinations are annually kept up to date. Without these precautions you won’t be able to take your pet with you when you leave the country – and hefty fines are put in place. 

The following documents are required if you are bringing your pets to the UAE:

  • Good Health Certificate
  • Vaccination Certificate
  • All pets must be microchipped and the microcrip number must appear on all their documentation.

If you would like to simplify the relocation of your family and beloved pets, RelocateMe are here support your move to the UAE!